Infiniti Says Most Of The Cars It Will Sell By 2030 Will Be Electrified

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Infiniti Says Most Of The Cars It Will Sell By 2030 Will Be Electrified

Not long after Nissan announced its electrification plans and unveiled four striking electric concept cars, Infiniti has made its own commitment to electrification.

Infiniti’s press release is scant on details but the automaker has confirmed that the majority of the vehicles it will sell by 2030 will be electrified. It failed, however, to provide any specific figures about how many electrified vehicles it intends to sell nor how many of its vehicles will be all-electric.

In a video detailing the plans, Infiniti adds that it “will not let the size of our battery alone define us but rather empower our customers to choose the power source that fits their lives best,” indicating that it doesn’t plan to completely abandon internal combustion engines anytime soon.

Infiniti’s video also teases a handful of concept cars which, presumably, all feature some form of electrification. One of the most striking is shown with LED headlights and daytime running lights, an illuminated Infiniti badge up front, and a complex LED light array at the rear.

Infiniti is committed to maintaining its focus on thoughtful hospitality while seamlessly integrating technology and innovation into its vehicles. Technology in Infiniti’s vehicles will continue to support, but never overpower, the driver,” the company added. “The core of Infiniti’s mission as a human-centric brand is to celebrate those who dare to be different, and to embrace diversity and inclusiveness. Today, and in the future, Infiniti dedicates itself to welcoming all individuals — without exclusion — to its brand and extended family.”

Source: carscoops

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