Hyundai will include a free charging point with its electric cars

by 9SIX

Hyundai has announced that it will install, free of charge, a charging point at the home of those Spanish customers who purchase one of its electric models.

As part of the commitment of the Korean brand for electric mobility, and as a way to boost its offer of hybrid and electric models, Hyundai has decided to start a promotional campaign to boost the sale of its two electric models, the Kona and Ioniq.

For this, it has joined Feníe Energía, a company specialized in the supply of electricity, gas and energy saving services. In this way, the new owners of an electric Hyundai will be able to charge their vehicle through the latest generation Circutor eNext model charger of 7.4 kW of power.

This loading point can be installed in single-family homes as well as in neighboring communities, provided that a qualified Fenie Energía technician confirms previously if the installation complies. Otherwise, a budget will be sent in which the expenses derived from the additional work and optional devices necessary to be able to operate that new loading point will be included.

The new owner of a Hyundai electric car will be able to manage his charging point through a dedicated app on his mobile phone, or through Bluetooth communication, establishing the most convenient charging schedules according to his electric price.

Source: electrichunter

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