Hyundai SEVEN Concept Is An Electric, Autonomous-Capable SUV That Previews The Ioniq 7

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Hyundai today unveiled the SEVEN Concept at the LA Auto Show. The “sport utility electric vehicle,” or SUEV, previews the production Ioniq 7 mid-size SUV and seeks to invite passengers into electric mobility with a lounge-like and futuristic interior.

“The SEVEN concept demonstrates Hyundai’s creative vision and advanced technological development for our electrified mobility future,” said José Muñoz, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor North America. “Its innovative interior space, eco-friendly powertrain, and cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies reveal an exciting future for Hyundai SUV customers.”

Based on the company’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the suave SUEV features an electric powertrain. Hyundai is targeting a range of more than 300 miles (483 km) and 350-kW charging, which should allow it to get from 10-80 percent charge in just 20 minutes.

Lounging Around


The SEVEN is more about what’s inside than what’s underneath. The wheels are pushed as far to the extremities as possible, offering a 3.2-meter (10.4-foot) wheelbase and as much interior volume and comfort as possible. In order to achieve a lounge-like experience, traditional rows of seats have been thrown out in favor of a sectional couch and swiveling seats.

Meanwhile, a “Universal Island” console is specially designed to feature home appliances like a mini-fridge and a shoe-care compartment for footwear. The roof features a panoramic OLED screen that displays content and can change the overall atmosphere of the interior.

To Drive Or Not To Drive

2021 Hyundai SEVEN Concept 6

The driver’s seat can also swivel and features retractable controls that hide away when not in use. That won’t just be when you’re parked, because Hyundai envisions the SEVEN as an autonomous vehicle.

That has allowed the company to make the cockpit slim and compact, which makes more room for screens to create an even more lounge-like experience. And to introduce you to it all in a suitably grand fashion, the coach doors are pillarless, offering unobtrusive access to the cabin.

“SEVEN dares to break from the beaten path,” said SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President, Head of Hyundai Global Design. “SEVEN paves the way forward for what an SUV needs to become in the EV era with a unique aerodynamic pure form that does not compromise on its rugged personality. The interior opens up a new dimension of space that cares for its passenger as a family living space.”

Made Clean

Hyundai Seven 3

The SEVEN is also adorned in ecologically-sound materials like the bio-paint applied to the exterior. Inside, meanwhile, there’s mineral plaster, bamboo wood and carpets, and bio-resin, while just about everything else are made of either recycled or renewable materials.

The team also used copper extensively throughout the interior and wove it into the fabrics for its antibacterial properties. A hygiene Airflow System takes air through the roof rails and out of the cabin via vents behind the rear wheels. The interior can also be UVC sanitized once the passengers exit the vehicle.

Not Just Another SUV

The exterior was designed to feature an aerodynamically pure silhouette that differs from your standard SUV. The low leading edge of the hood and the single, streamlined roofline are a break from the familiar two-box design.

Hyundai Seven 2

The Ioniq brand‘s signature Parametric Pixel lights, meanwhile, help make the SEVEN easy to identify. With a welcome light sequence on start-up, Hyundai calls it a reminder that its designers have considered every aspect of the SUV, right “down to a single pixel.”

As mentioned above, while the SEVEN is just a concept, it previews the Ioniq 7 mid-size electric SUV that’s expected to arrive in 2024, although the futuristic elements will be toned down for production. Sized similarly to the Palisade, it will join the expanding segment of mid- and large-size electric SUVs that includes current and upcoming models like the BMW iX, Rivian R1S and Cadillac Lyriq, to name a few, although it goes without saying that a lot will depend on pricing.

Hyundai Seven 5

Hyundai Seven 3

Hyundai Seven 5

2021 Hyundai SEVEN Concept 5

2021 Hyundai SEVEN Concept 3

2021 Hyundai SEVEN Concept 2

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