How to Get the Windows 11 22H2 Update

Big new features in Start, security, gaming and more.

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How To Get The Windows 11 22h2 Update

The Windows 11 2022 update, also called Windows 11 22H2, has gone live, with a series of new features in the Start menu and File Explorer, along with improvements to accessibility, and gaming. While Windows Insiders have had most of these features for a bit, others may want them now that they’re officially released.
In a blog post, vice president of Windows servicing and delivery John Cable wrote that Microsoft is taking a “measured and phased” approach to the rollout, which will offer the update over Windows Update “when data shows that your device is ready[.]”

The delivery may be ramped up in the first weeks. Cable wrote that if Microsoft thinks you’ll have an issue, like compatibility with software, you may be put on hold.

Microsoft is also attempting to schedule update installations in a greener way. “When available, Windows 11 will now prioritize installing updates in the background at times when greater amounts of clean energy sources (like wind, solar, and hydro) are available,” Cable wrote. Doing so may result in fewer carbon emissions involved in updating your PC.

For users with eligible devices that meet the Windows 11 system requirements, here’s how to upgrade to Windows 11 22H2.

If You’re Already on Windows 11

Those who already have Windows 11 will have a pretty easy time of updating. If your device is ready, you can go to Settings > Windows Update and click the Check for updates button. If it’s ready, you’ll just be able to click “Download & install” and be on your way.

If You’re on Windows 10

Maybe you’re finally thinking of upgrading from Windows 10 (though Microsoft will continue to support that through Oct. 14, 2025). At launch, I said it wasn’t worth the upgrade. I think the OS is far more mature now, though there’s still some work to be done

If you’re upgrading, you may want to use Microsoft’s PC Health Check(opens in new tab) app to ensure you meet the minimum requirements. (While there are ways to get around the minimum requirements, Microsoft doesn’t support Windows 11 that way.)

You can check if Windows 11 22H2 is ready for you by going to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update and clicking Check for updates. You’ll be able to download and install if your device is eligible and ready for the new OS. If you want to start fresh, consider downloading the Windows 11 ISO and doing a clean install.

Beyond Windows 11 22H2

While Microsoft has moved to an annual release cadence, the company has promised further updates throughout the year. In fact, more features will be released in October and November in a security update release. So be sure to keep checking for updates. Not only is it good practice, but also you’ll get the latest features when they’re ready.

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