Harley-Davidson’s stunning first electric bike broke the internet – and now they’re actually selling them

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Serial 1, the electric bicycle company that was spun-off from Harley-Davidson’s original electric bicycle program, has revealed that it will sell a limited number of S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE e-bikes.

The S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE electric bike more closely matches the original vintage prototype electric bicycle first unveiled by Serial 1 late last year.

When we first covered the story, millions of readers tuned into Electrek to see the Harley-Davidson electric bicycle that broke the internet.

That bike used a similar frame to the actual series production electric bicycles from Serial 1, but had a number of unique touches inspired by Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle from over 100 years ago.

Key elements like the leather saddle and grips, brass accents, glossy paint, white tires and brown drive belt all contributed to the stunning aesthetics of the original vintage prototype.

Below you can see what the bike looked like upon its unveiling.

The stunning concept marked a huge launch for Serial 1, who followed up with several e-bike models based on the same frame.

The serial production electric bicycles shared a similar frame and electronics, but lacked the elegant accents originally seen in the tribute bike.

Now those are back in the limited edition Serial 1 S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE, which debuted today at the Electrify Expo in California.

As Serial 1’s Brand Director Aaron Frank explained:

“When Serial 1 launched in October 2020, the first e-bike shown to the public was a stunning prototype drawn from the vintage motorcycle that inspired the creation of the Serial 1 e-bike brand. We are thrilled now to offer a limited-edition that so faithfully captures the iconic look and feel of that first prototype, and to use this moment as a springboard to launch our S1 Series that will see even more exclusive and highly-desirable Serial 1 eBike models in the future.”

The company will produce only 650 individual units of S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE electric bicycles, split evenly among the US and European markets. Deliveries are expected to commence in Q4 of this year.

The bike is based on the MOSH/CTY model and shares most of the same components, including the Brose mid-drive motor, Gates carbon belt drive, TRP hydraulic disc brakes with internally routed hoses to match the internal electrical wires, and the bike’s signature integrated lighting. The front shield and rear dropouts both house built-in frame-integrated lighting, plus there’s an extra bright headlight mounted on the handlebars that was designed in-house by Serial 1’s engineers.

While it doesn’t look exactly like the original prototype, the S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE certainly pays homage to that distinctive design, as you can see in the photos below.

Serial 1 plans to roll out more special editions of its electric bicycles under the S1 line, following in the footsteps of its previous one-off custom electric bicycles.

While we don’t yet have any word on what other types of tribute or custom electric bicycles Serial 1 is working on, we’ll be sure to update when we learn more.

Until then, let’s hear what you think of Serial 1’s MOSH/TRIBUTE e-bike in the comment section below!

Source: electrek

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