Hackers kidnapped data 26 million accounts of various sites, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix

by 9SIX
hackers-kidnapped-data- -million-accounts-of-various-sites-including-apple-amazon-facebook-and-netflix

Hackers managed to hack more than three million computers and kidnap personal data and information on payments of 26 million accounts of various sites, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and many others.

NORDLOCKER specialists, the developer of the same name for encrypting files, managed to access the database collected by hackers. It is reported that with the help of unidentified malicious software (Trojan) for Windows, information was kidnapped for two years from 2018 to 2020. A total of about 1.2 TB of personal data C 3.25 million computers was collected.

Hackers kidnapped information about 26 million accounts, as well as financial data. It is also reported that 2 billion cookies and 6.6 million other files were collected. Malicious software allowed hackers to connect to the webcams of victims, as well as screenshots when they entered personal information at the entrance to their account on any site.

Interestingly, this news appeared against the background of reports of a burst of hacker attacks, touched by large American companies. As a result, one of them was disturbed by the work of the key pipeline on the east coast of the United States, which led to a deficiency of gasoline at gas stations. Also suffered a major meat supplier.

As for the nordlocker found a huge base of stolen data, the company stated: “We want to clarify the situation: we did not buy this database and do not conbe the other parties doing this. A hacker group accidentally revealed the location of the database. “

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