GoPro Hero 10 Black camera: everything we know – leaks, rumors and renders

What we know about the GoPro Hero 10 Black action camera

by 9SIX
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Is this the new GoPro Hero10 Black? New renders shared by @quandt and German website WinFuture show what seems to be images of the latest line-up in the GoPro action camera family. And given that September is the usual time that we get the annual update to the GoPro flagship, we have already being wondering what we the successor to 2020’s GoPro Hero9 Black will bring…

So what have we learnt from the information shared by Roland Quandt and WinFuture?

1) No big external changes
The images of the GoPro Hero10 Black look very similar to the design of the GoPro Hero9 – which brought us the first GoPro with a front-mounted color LCD screen. There are no changes to the positioning of the controls or screens on the new version, with just minor tweaks to the finish that we can notice at this stage (the GoPro logo and the model name are now blue rather than gray).

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

2) A new processor
There have been rumors of a new GoPro processor for some time – and it according to WinFuture we will see the new GP2 chip in use for the first time. We’d expect this more powerful processor to be used to provide an increase in video performance – and perhaps new features. The current GP1 chip was first introduced way back with the introduction of the GoPro Hero6 – so this is way overdue an update.\

3) No 8K
With 8K becoming more and more prevalent in high-end camera phones and mirrorless cameras, you might have expected a jump to this higher-resolution video standard with the new GoPro Hero 10. But the maximum video resolution looks as it will stick with the 5.3K that was introduced with the GoPro Hero9 Black.

4) Higher frame rates
But although the maximum video resolution looks as if it will stay the same, the rumor/leak shows that the maximum frame rate when shooting at 5.3K will increase from 30fps up to 60fps.

Slow-mo lovers will also be pleased to know that the rumors suggest there will boosts in maximum frame rate at other resolutions too. 120fps will now be possible when shooting 4K, and you’ll be able to use 240fps as 2.7K.

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

5) New image sensor
The reports also suggest that there will be a new image sensor in the GoPro Hero10 Black – which will increase maximum stills resolution from 20 megapixels up to 23MP.

6) Key features stay the same
From the look at the low-resolution render of the packaging for the GoPro Hero 10, some of the most loved features of the GoPro range continue. You get waterproofing down to 10m as standard (before you put on an optional underwater housing). You get voice control, too. And other features we expect are webcam functionality, HDR shooting, timelapse and Hypersmooth image stabilization.

Source: digitalcameraworld

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