Google Quietly Refines the Android Auto Coolwalk Dock

Google has missed the Coolwalk release date, so the only option for Android Auto users out there to try out the new major refresh of the app is to enable it with a rooted Android phone.

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Google Quietly Refines The Android Auto Coolwalk Dock

While the Mountain View-based search giant has remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to the delay of Coolwalk, it looks like the work on this feature continues behind closed doors at the company.

In other words, Coolwalk isn’t ready just yet, so Google is now silently polishing the feature with additional improvements that are rather difficult to spot.
A recent report from 9to5Google suggests that one of the main focuses of the team working on Coolwalk is to improve the dock and make room for a total of four app icons. At first glance, the purpose is to allow one icon per the most important app categories, namely communication, media, and navigation, plus an extra slot for the app that’s currently running on the screen.

Furthermore, there’s a chance that Google plans to go for an approach similar to the one that Apple uses on CarPlay, with Android Auto to display the icons for the most recently used apps from the categories mentioned above.

This makes sense anyway, as users would be able to toggle between apps in a more convenient way, so Google wouldn’t necessarily copy Apple but only release an update that would come in handy to users, especially given the dock stays on the screen all the time.

On the other hand, the ETA for Coolwalk is still one big mystery that nobody can decipher for the time being.

With the parent company remaining completely tight-lipped on a new release date, the frustration in the Android Auto community is growing, so the best thing Google can do right now is to provide the world with more information on the work on Coolwalk.

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