GM pushing 7 new EPA standards that could move US toward mass EV adoption

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gm pushing 7 new epa standards that could move us toward mass ev adoption

GM is transforming its business to meet the future of transportation by introducing a full lineup of new electric vehicles this year. With “EV for everyone,” GM is hoping it can reach the masses and speed up the transition to sustainable transportation. In the company’s latest push toward a cleaner future, the automaker released seven new EPA standards that could help drive EV adoption in the United States.

The American automaker has ambitious goals for its electric vehicle offerings. At a Goldman Sachs tech conference last week, GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, spoke about the automaker’s electric vehicle strategy, claiming, “we want to provide EVs for everyone.”

Now the automaker is pushing for new standards that can help it drive its cause. The United States has set a target of hitting 50% EV share by 2030, but to get there, GM believes more action will be needed.

GM is doing its part by launching a full lineup of electric vehicles with the mission of having an ‘EV for everyone” as it gears up to take on current leader, Tesla. Mary said in October 2021 that she believes GM will “absolutely” pass Tesla in electric vehicle sales.

Given Tesla’s growing brand awareness and expanding production ability, it will be a tall task. However, I like the enthusiasm. Automakers competing with each other can help push EV adoption even further.

GM will rely on its Ultium platform and batteries as a base for its new electric vehicle lineup. The platform provides the essential components for everything from mass-market vehicles to specialty EVs. Mary explains:

The way that we define Ultium is it can go all the way from a small compact vehicle like the Chevrolet Equinox EV that we revealed to the world last week, all the way up to a super truck like the Hummer EV.

As GM gears up to scale production of its highly anticipated “EVs for everyone,” including the new Chevy Equinox EV (pictured below) starting around $30,000, the automaker is pushing for new EPA standards to promote mass electric vehicle adoption and ensure a cleaner future for all.

New EPA standards can help incentivize buyers to switch, promote fewer emissions, and create manufacturing jobs by the end of the decade, according to GM.

GM EVs 2

GM advocates for zero emissions with new push for electric vehicles

GM teamed up with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading environmental organization, to develop seven recommendations for EPA standards to support an all-electric future from the model year 2027 going forward.

The new EPA recommendations are designed to accelerate the transition to EVs in the United States and would require at least half of new vehicles sold to emit zero emissions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030.

Mary Barra states:

General Motors has the ultimate goal of eliminating tailpipe emissions from new light duty vehicles by 2035. As new standards are being developed, we are pleased to join the Environmental Defense Fund to provide recommendations that support accelerated adoption of electric vehicles to put us on the path toward that goal.

If passed, the new standards would also include an “innovation opt-in compliance pathway” designed to reward innovative manufacturers for speeding up EV deployment.

GM and EDF say the new recommendations should be proposed this fall for finalization in fall 2023 and would extend until at least 2032, though 2035 would be ideal.

Fred Kupp, President of EDF, says if the proposal is adopted, it “will mean healthier communities, a safer climate for all, and turbocharging US manufacturing and jobs.”

Source: electrek

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