GM Imagines What A Modern Day Chevrolet Chevelle Might Look Like

by 9SIX

While most modern-day consumers are drawn towards SUVs and crossovers, there’s just something about sleek two-door coupes that get the blood of car enthusiasts pumping. This coupe, coming courtesy of GM, is especially intriguing. This design sketch was recently shared to Instagram by GM Design and is the work of GM lead exterior designer Brian Malczewski.

It was actually sketched back in 2014 and imagined as a modern-day Chevrolet Chevelle.

Of course, the car in this sketch looks absolutely nothing like the Chevelle that you may be familiar with. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t have a unique appeal to it.

The front end of the concept is quite reminiscent of current Chevys like the Camaro ZL1 and the Blazer thanks to the shape of the grille and the narrow LED headlights. The modern-day Chevelle also features pronounced creases over the hood and front wheel arches to add to the aggression.

Sleek design elements continue down the sides with small windows and big wheels. The car also lacks traditional wing mirrors because, well, this is just a sketch that doesn’t take practical aspects into consideration.

If such a car was produced, it could have been positioned as a softer and more luxurious alternative to the Camaro. Of course, five years after this sketch was first created, Chevrolet would go on to reveal the C8-generation Corvette, and with the Camaro also in the lineup, there simply isn’t room in the brand’s portfolio for another two-door coupe.

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