GIGABYTE Presents AORUS DDR5 5200MHz Memory Kit

by 9SIX
gigabyte-presents-aorus-ddr - mhz-memory-kit

GIGABYTE presents the AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit to support the latest Intel Z690 platform and the 12th generation Intel Core processors. AORUS Memory DDR5 32GB 5200 MHz features two 16GB DDR5 XMP 5200 MHz which can be further unlocked for enhanced performance with DDR5 XMP Booster and Intel XMP 3.0.
The AORUS DDR5 features a 10-layer PCB and On-Die ECC feature of DDR5 highlights error correction. In addition, the AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB kit uses copper-aluminium heat spreader with a nano-carbon coating for excellent heat dissipation. The AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB memory kit also features a lower voltage at 1.1V.

22347 aorus ddr5 5200mhz memory

AORUS DDR5 5200MHz Memory Kit Features
Memory Size :32GB Kit (2 x 16GB)
Frequency: DDR5-5200 MHz
Timing: 40-40-40-80 (XMP 5200MHz)
Performance Profile: XMP 3.0
Copper-aluminium composite heat spreaders with nano-carbon coating to keep performance
Intel Z690 certificated
Lifetime warranty
Comply with industrial standard JEDEC DDR5

GIGABYTE did not reveal pricing as of this writing. Learn more about the AORUS DDR5 5200MHz Memory Kit at

Source: vortez

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