Gazelle’s new Medio T9 City electric bike debuts as low-cost Bosch-powered e-bike

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gazelles-new-medio-t -city-electric-bike-debuts-as-low-cost-bosch-powered-e-bike

Gazelle has just launched its latest electric commuter bike, the Medio T9 City. The electric bike uses a mid-drive motor from one of the most popular suppliers in the industry, but without the typical high price.

Powered by a Bosch Active Line motor, the Gazelle Medio T9 City electric bicycle powers the rear wheel through a 9-speed Shimano Alivio derailleur.

Bosch-powered e-bikes typically aren’t cheap. In fact, they’re downright expensive. Prices vary, but $4K is a pretty typical number. Prices go up even higher with fancy components and fancier brand names on the tubes.

But the Gazelle Medio T9 City is priced at an ultra-reasonable $2,299 in the US.

That might not sound very “low-cost” to anyone unfamiliar with the e-bike industry. But to put that in perspective, many hub motor e-bikes approach that price level despite having simpler, lower cost drivetrains.

Bosch’s Active Line motor isn’t at the top of the company’s drivetrain hierarchy, but its 40 Nm of torque is still plenty for most commuters just looking for a boost on their way to work.

The motor helps the Medio T9 City hit a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US, though international versions have lower speed limits to comply with local regulations.

The 400 Wh Bosch battery is also a bit smaller than industry averages, but the pedal assist-only e-bike is still quite a bit more efficient than throttle-enabled e-bikes and thus manages to land a respectable range.

Real-world ranges run the gamut and can differ based on the power level selected by the rider as well as other factors such as terrain, tires, and rider weight. But most 400 Wh Class 1 e-bikes can manage ranges of around 30-45 miles (48-72 km) with ease.

The suspension fork should help make those miles go by more comfortably too, though it will add a bit to the bike’s 47 lb (21 kg) weight, sans battery. Gazelle didn’t mention the weight of the battery, but most 400 Wh packs tip the scale at around 5.5 lb (2.5 kg).

The T9 Medio City comes in two frame sizes and both use a low-step design for increased accessibility.

As general manager of Gazelle North America Ewoud van Leeuwen explained:

“Gazelle is all about quality, offering riders the best possible experience. With the introduction of the Gazelle Medeo T9 City, we are thrilled to offer an excellent bike with premium components at an accessible price point. This opens up the possibility for more first time ebike riders to experience a well-made, dependable bike from a brand they can rely on, and a rich network of trained retailers that can provide service and support.”

Source: electrek

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