Ford reveals all-new ‘smartphone on wheels’ E-Transit Custom commercial EV van

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ford reveals all new smartphone on wheels e transit custom commercial ev van

At the Hannover IAA Transportation event, Ford revealed new features and specifications of its all-new E Transit Custom, a fully electric commercial van, or what the automaker calls a “smartphone on wheels.”

Since releasing the E-Transit, Ford has quickly become a leader in commercial electric vehicles. According to Ford’s August sales report, the E-Transit held an over 90% market share, with almost 4,000 sold in 2022.

Ford is also the number-one commercial brand in Europe for its seventh year. The automaker says its new E-Transit Custom is an “icon transformed” for the modern age of transportation, combining work and play.

The automaker is making it as easy as possible for customers to switch to electric vehicles, offering a full range of services to improve uptime, service, and productivity to enhance the mobile work-life.

The E-Transit is a “game changer” in the commercial EV space as Ford Pro, the automaker’s businesses suite of products, offers a “one-stop shop” for all business needs such as software, charging, services, and financing, all wrapped up into a convenient package for users to manage under a single account.

Ford’s new E-Transit Custom is designed to accelerate business productivity, taking Europe’s best-selling commercial van and “improving it in every single way” to fit all small and large business needs.

Ford was told it needed to build a “no compromise” commercial electric van that’s ready for work, and the new E-Transit Custom delivers. With tools to stay connected and enhance productivity, it’s what Ford refers to as “a smartphone on wheels.”


Ford highlights innovative features and specs for its E-Transit Custom

At the event, Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro, and Martin Sander, GM of Ford Europe, spoke about the benefits of the new Ford E-Transit Custom. In particular, they addressed features that make the E-Transit ideal for businesses looking to upgrade their mobile operations while lowering emissions. For example:

  • Pro Power Onboard delivers 2.3 kW of power, enough for a mobile worksite without needing a separate generator.
  • Ford Pro Charging can be scheduled anytime from anywhere to stay charged and ready to go.
  • 5G connectivity keeps owners connected while on the move.
  • Mobile office features include a tilting steering wheel to place a laptop or to lay flat and use as a desk, and the electric work van also features a 13-inch touch screen.
  • Delivery assist completes replicated tasks such as closing the windows and locking the cab doors to save time.

Ford e transit custom

The E-Transit will have a WLTP range of 380km (about 236 miles) with a maximum of 214 horsepower and 415 Nm (about 306 lb-ft) of torque. Production will begin in 2023 at an upgraded Ford Otosan facility in Turkey.

Customers that switch to Ford’s new electric van can save up to an hour a day with its new capabilities, according to the automaker.

Ford says the E-Transit Custom will continue improving with over-the-air software updates. They also claim the new electric van will “convince customers to switch to EVs.” Although the automaker will also offer hybrid and gas-powered versions for now.

Source: electrek

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