Ford launches F-150 Lightning online configurator, starts at $40,000 but $74,000 for bigger battery

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ford-launches-f- -lightning-online-configurator-starts-at- -but- -for-bigger-battery

Ford has launched the F-150 Lightning’s online configurator and revealed all prices and options in the process. It starts at $40,000 and it can be configured to a price up to $93,000 with all the options.

Today, Ford announces a massive increase of its planned production capacity of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck to 150,000 units as soon as next year.

This is a welcome improvement since it would have taken years to go through Ford’s backlog of 200,000 reservations with the previously planned production capacity.

Now Ford is converting those reservations into orders and accepting new orders through its newly online configurator for the F-150 Lightning.

You can build all four trims of the vehicle: Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum:

Ford f150 lightning configurator

The first important thing that you should notice is that the Pro version is only available with the “Standard Range Battery” and the Platinum only comes with the “Extended Range Battery.”

This leads us to the most important information that the configurator confirms: how much you have to pay to get the bigger battery pack.

Ford grabbed a lot of headlines by announcing that the Ford F-150 Lightning would start at $40,000 and has a range of up to 300 miles.

But now we learn that to get the 300 miles of range, you need to buy a $74,000 version of the electric pickup truck.

Screen Shot 2022 01 04 at 11.59.46 AM

Ford has done some chicanery that ramps up the price significantly for the bigger pack.

As you can see above, the bigger battery pack is $10,000, and as we previously mentioned, you need to select the $53,000 XLT trim to be able to select the Extended Range pack.

That brings you up to a reasonable $63,000, but Ford also locks in a $9,500 equipment group if you choose the bigger pack on the XLT, which brings the price up to $74,000.

Check out the Ford F-150 Lightning configurator and let us know your preferred configuration in the comments below, and whether your view of the electric pickup truck changes with this new information.

Source: electrek

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