Ford dealers are taking advantage of strong demand for F-150 Lightning, marking it up by $30,000

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Ford Dealers Are Taking Advantage Of Strong Demand For F 150 Lightning Marking It Up By 30000

Many Ford dealers are taking advantage of the strong demand for F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and marking it up by as much as $30,000.

Amongst many other things, one great underappreciated thing that Tesla did was put the auto dealer model into perspective.

Tesla’s direct-to-consumer approach is not perfect, but it showed that there’s a major issue with having widely different prices between different dealerships for the same vehicle.

It’s something that is amplified by automakers using the dealership model also adopting a reservation process when launching a new electric vehicle. And it’s even more amplified when the new electric vehicle in question is as popular as the Ford F-150 Lightning.

As we previously reported, Ford has about 200,000 reservations for the electric pickup truck and its dealers are currently trying to convert them into orders.

With Ford reportedly planning to produce only 15,000 Lightning trucks in 2022, 55,000 in 2023, and 80,000 in 2024, it is going to be hard to secure a unit within the next few years – even with a reservation.

Several reservation holders are reporting that their local Ford dealerships are asking for significant markups on top of the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to secure an order.

The community on the ElectricVehicles subreddit is keeping track of dealership markups for a bunch of different electric vehicles and put together a very useful tool.

Reports from Ford F150 Lightning buyers are starting to be added to the dataset and it shows that several Ford dealers are trying to convert orders with a markup of up to $10,000 per vehicle.

We have even heard of a dealer in Virginia trying to ask for $30,000 to try to secure a F-150 Lightning from the first batch to be allocated to their dealership:

Screen Shot 2021 12 30 at 2.27.27 PM 1

The good news is that some Ford dealers have committed to offer the F-150 Lightning for the MSRP, which starts at $53,000 for the mid-level XLT, and a base ‘Pro’ version is expected to start at around $40,000.

Source: electrek

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