Firefox 93 for Android wants to become your new password manager (APK Download)

The latest browser version can act as an autofill service across all of Android

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The last few Firefox releases haven’t exactly been exciting on Android, but that’s changing with version 93 — if you use Firefox as your password manager, that is. The new release can serve as your password autofill service across all of your apps on Android, much like Mozilla’s own Lockwise app (or any other competing password manager, for that matter).

To activate the system-wide autofill option, head to the Firefox settings and enter the Logins and passwords section. In there, you’ll find a new option called Autofill in other apps. The entry will forward you to the Android system settings, where you need to confirm that you really want to give Firefox the ability to autofill in other apps. Once that’s done, Firefox will offer to autofill passwords and usernames for you.

Despite being brand-new, the autofill implementation doesn’t work with Android 11’s keyboard-based interface. Instead, there’s the familiar old dropdown below the password or email entry field that first prompts you to unlock Firefox with biometrics and then gives you a rudimentary search interface letting you pick the credentials for the service you want to log in to, if Firefox doesn’t automatically recognize which is correct. The whole autofill experience isn’t as pretty as what you get with Firefox Lockwise, but it’s functionally the same. Firefox Mobile also allows you to create new credentials.

Other than that, we haven’t spotted any breath-taking new features, but the developers might have changed additional stuff behind the scenes, which they usually report on once the stable release fully launches. This will happen on Monday, October 5, when Firefox 93 will start rolling out on the Play Store. If you’re particularly impatient, you can already download the stable version over at APK Mirror right now, though.

Source: androidpolice

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