Equipmake and Beulas unveil electric double decker bus with 543 kWh battery, 250 mile range

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Spanish bus builder Beulas has teamed up with electric powertrain manufacturer Equipmake to create the Jewel E, an electric double-decker bus that will begin service in London. The Jewel E can be equipped with a battery pack up to 543 kWh, the largest battery of any single axle double-decker electric bus, providing a max range of 250 miles on a single charge.

Beulas is a coach manufacturer based in Girona, Catalonia, Spain with nearly ninety years of experience in bus building. As one of the leaders in transportation throughout Europe, it is no wonder that Beulas is adapting its fleet offerings to a zero-emission future.

Equipmake is a UK-based electric powertrain developer with over twenty years of experience. In addition to being a leader in ultra-high-performance electric motors, Equipmake also offers complete EV drivetrains and ultra-fast power electronic systems – like those for an electric double-decker bus.

With their recent announcement, Beulas and Equipmake have teamed up to provide an electric double-decker bus that could potentially push zero-emission transportation to the next level in the UK.

Furthermore, the announcement comes at a perfect time, following the London Mayor’s recent commitment to 100% zero-emission buses moving forward.

electric double decker bus

The upcoming Jewel E electric double decker bus / Source: Equipmake

Jewel E electric double-decker bus to begin trials, offer 250 mile range

In a recent press release from Equipmake, the powertrain manufacturer announced its Jewel E electric double-decker bus alongside its partner Beulas.

This state-of-the-art electric bus was designed and manufactured by Beulas in Spain, and sits upon Equipmake’s Zero Emission Drivetrain (ZED) and its patented highly efficient heating and cooling system, which keeps ZED at optimum operating temperature.

Scheduled to be built at a new manufacturing plant in Norfolk ahead of trials in early 2022, this new electric double-decker bus will contribute to the UK Government’s commitment to transition to entirely zero-emission buses, part of its “Bus Back Better” strategy.

The Jewel E bus’ chassis ZED features Equipmake’s HTM 3500 motor, which provides a maximum torque of 3,500 Nm at just 1,000 rpm, and a maximum power of 400 kW. Its power comes from a variety of customer-specified lithium-ion battery packs available up to 543 kWh.

According to the companies, this is the largest battery of any single axle, double-decker electric bus in the world, delivering a maximum range of up to 250 miles. Ian Foley, Managing Director at Equipmake elaborated:

Featuring our cutting-edge ZED powertrain, it has up to 250 miles electric range, yet is cost-effective too. Set to be built at an all-new manufacturing facility near to our home in Snetterton, Norfolk, it will bring new jobs to the local area and has the potential to play a crucial role in supporting the Government’s commitment to introduce 4,000 EV buses in the coming three years. What’s more, it’s also the first EV bus to meet TfL’s tough 2024 regulations too. And with demand increasing globally for electric buses, we believe it provides the right solution both nationally and internationally.

Jewel E is the first EV bus to meet Transport for London’s (TfL) 2024 bus safety standard requirements and will begin trials in the UK in early 2022.

Manufacturing and sales of Jewel E double decker bus will begin later in 2022.

Source: electrek

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