Elon Musk: Tesla Cyberquad will be the safest ATV

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Elon Musk commented on the Tesla Cyberquad for the first time since he unveiled the electric ATV with the Cybertruck in 2019.

The CEO said that it will be the safest ATV in the world.

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, CEO Elon Musk had a little “one more thing” moment on stage when they brought out the Tesla Cyberquad, an electric ATV, to show the payload capacity of the Cybertruck’s bed. At the time, it wasn’t clear whether Tesla planned on making the electric ATV available, but Musk later confirmed that it would be an option for Cybertruck buyers.

We haven’t heard a peep from Tesla about the Cyberquad since, other than a few event appearances. Hot Wheels also partnered with Tesla to make a toy version of it, but that was about it until last week when Tesla filed for a new trademark on ‘Cyberquad’.

Now, at Tesla’s shareholder’s meeting today, Elon Musk made the first comments about the electric ATV in years.

He was asked whether Tesla planned to build Cyberquad at Gigafactory Texas and the CEO responded:

“We are definitely be making Cybertruck here and so probably the ATV too. The ATV is an interesting design challenge because ATVs are pretty dangerous and we want to make an ATV that is the least dangerous ATV.”

Musk added some details about how Tesla plans to make that happen:

“It will have a very low center of gravity because the battery pack is going to be down low. I think we can do some things with the suspension to make it really hard to roll this thing. When an ATV is rolling is when bad things happen. It’s going to be the ATV that won’t roll.”

It doesn’t sound like Tesla is at an advanced stage of design for the Cyberquad.

As we previously reported, the original prototype unveiled at the Cybertruck event was a Yamaha Raptor ATV converted to electric with a Zero Motorcycle powertrain.

Tesla certainly has some time to make it happen. At the event today, Musk again linked the Cyberquad to the Cybertruck, which is itself delayed to late 2022.

Source: electrek

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