Electric Supercar Manufacturers Strive To Find More Efficient Motors, Keep Weight Down

by 9SIX

The age of all-electric supercars and hypercars has arrived and as car manufacturers look to push performance boundaries to new levels, some are turning to smaller EV specialists.

One of these companies is British firm YASA which was recently purchased by Daimler. YASA already suppliers motors to the likes of Ferrari, Koenigsegg, and an unnamed British supercar company and will soon supply its electric motors to the Mercedes-AMG brand.

The YASA axial flux electric motor is similar in size to a steering wheel and is flat, meaning it is also lighter and more efficient than more conventional radial flux motors. YASA’s motor is also oil-cooled and already being used by the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and 296 GTB.

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Fellow British motor manufacturer Saietta has also developed its own water-cooled axial flux motors and will produce them for the Asian motorcycle market. Speaking with Reuters, Saietta’s chief commercial officer Graham Lenden said automakers need a helping hand when it comes to electric motors.

“These manufacturers know combustion engines forwards, backwards and inside out but they do not know electric powertrains and what they are looking for is someone to hold their hand,” he said.

YASA aims to bring the costs of its axial flux electric motor down so that Daimler can use them for its entire range of cars.

Of course, the motor of an EV is only one part of the equation. Supercar and hypercar manufacturers know that weight is their enemy and are also looking for ways to reduce the weight of heavy battery packs or, at the very least, offset a battery’s heft with weight savings elsewhere across vehicles.

For example, the Rimac Nevera‘s body and chassis are made from carbon fiber and its batteries form part of the car’s structure, while the platform of the Lotus Evija uses light aluminum alloys to reduce its weight.

According to Silk-FAW vice president for innovation and technology, Roberto Fedeli, “weight saving is even more important than a higher level of power.” Silk-FAW plans to build a range of electric sports cars in Italy.

Yasa Motor
YASA axial-flux electric motor

Source: carscoops

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