Details on Intel Processors Next Generations – Alder Lake

by 9SIX

Author YouTube-channel Moore’s Law Is Dead provided additional information about the Intel Alder Lake processors, the release of which is now expected in the fall of this year, and also shared the key data about the Raptor Lake series chips, which will replace the Alder Lake next year.

Previously, the same source was shared by photographs of the future Gaming video card Intel XE-HPG, as well as other information about innovations Intel.

Desktop versions of Alder Lake will be presented in two series: S1 and S2. The first processors will receive up to eight large high-performance Golden Cove cores and up to eight small energy efficient GRACEMONT kernels. Representatives of the second S2 series will receive up to six large and not a single small nucleus. As a result, the family will include Core i9 models with eight large and eight small nuclei, Core i7 – with eight large and four small nuclei, as well as Core i5 – only with six large nuclei.

According to earlier leaks of other sources, Intel was supposed to provide a series of Alder Lake processors until the end of the 3rd quarter of the current year. New data Moore’s Law IS Dead suggest that the manufacturer has postponed the launch at a later date. The ban on publishing information about these processors will be filmed on October 25. At the moment, it is not known whether it is about the actual date of the announcement of chips or, for example, about the period of removal of a ban on publishing reviews. In any case, the announcement will be held in October. In this case, it is noted that Intel will present the first K-series processors, with a unlocked multiplier and the nominal indicator of TDP 125 W.

Mobile Intel Alder Lake-P will be announced at CES 2022 at the beginning of next year. They are divided into the Alder Lake-U families and Alder Lake-H, will receive a heat pump of 12-45 W, and will also offer support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5. High-performance models will receive up to six large and up to eight small nuclei, energy-efficient models will be equipped with two large and eight small nuclei.

The ALDER LAKE series will also include very powerful mobile chips Alder Lake HX with a calculated TDP indicator to 45-65 W for gaming laptops. They will come out in the second quarter of 2022 and will be answered by Mobile AMD Series Ryzen HX Mobile Processors.

The source also reported key features of the Intel processors of the Raptor Lake family, which will replace the ALDER LAKE at the end of 2022. They will retain 10-nm performance and architecture with large and small nuclei. The latter will be based on the GRACEMONT architecture, but their number will increase.

It is reported that 16 small nuclei will be used in the maximum desktop configuration. Large kernels Raptor Lake in an amount up to eight pieces will use the Raptor Cove architecture. The most productive processors Intel Raptor Lake will be offered up to 24 physical cores that can process up to 32 virtual flows.

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