Closer look at the battery behind SONDORS’ low-cost 80 mph electric motorcycle

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closer-look-at-the-battery-behind-sondors-low-cost- -mph-electric-motorcycle

Electric bicycle company SONDORS has expanded into the larger electric mobility space with the announcement of a highway-capable electric motorcycle.

Pushing far beyond typical electric bike specs, the highway-capable SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle needs a much higher-power battery than that found on SONDORS’ electric bicycles.

Now we’re getting a closer look at that battery than ever before.

As the company explained:

SONDORS Metacycle features a removable battery unlike anything seen before. Our upgraded, proprietary battery features unparalleled innovation, spectacular design, and next-level ingenuity. Just unlock – slide – and recharge anywhere.

New images of the battery show off the electrical connections and carry handle built into the battery.

That carry handle will be particularly important due to the 4,000 Wh battery’s hefty weight.

We’ve heard various weights quoted, ranging from 45-54 lb (20.5-24.5 kg). SONDORS’ product director Matt Irish confirmed a 54-pound weight in January of this year in an interview with Electrek conducted shortly after the Metacycle launched.

More recently we’ve heard slightly lower figures tossed around, which may be related to the continued development of the Metacycle and refinement of the battery.

With the release of new photos, this is the first time we’re seeing the actual electrical connectors on the battery. You can see those in detail in the images below.

Images provided by SONDORS

These appear to be quick -release, single-pin, high-current connectors.

Interestingly, this connector type would normally need to be manually disengaged. The single-pin nature would also explain the pair of cables, with an orange and black cable for positive and negative DC battery connections.

However, SONDORS described the battery removable process as “Unlock – slide – and recharge anywhere.” That would seem to indicate that a manual disconnection of the battery cables isn’t necessary, and rather that they’d automatically connect and disconnect as part of the battery removable process, similar to how an electric bicycle battery disconnects.

We also previously reported on a video that detailed the battery removable process and seemed to indicate that disconnecting power cables was not a necessary step in the battery removable process.

In that video (seen below), the battery is unlocked with a key and then slid sideways out of the frame.

At these high-power levels, though (the Metacycle is expected to provide a peak of 14,500 watts of power from the battery), manual cable connectors would provide much more robust connections.

The Metacycle is expected to begin deliveries by the end of 2021, so we should have an answer regarding the battery fairly soon.

After production originally ran ahead of schedule, more recent supply chain disruptions have pushed SONDORS back to a delivery estimate of Q4 2021.

Upon its release, the $5,000 Metacycle is expected to become the first low-cost, highway-capable electric motorcycle available in the West. While other light electric motorcycles are already on the road, none reach the 80 mph (130 km/h) speed boasted by the Metacycle.

That would allow the Metacycle to compete against low-displacement gas motorcycles for commuter-level use, enabling riders to take brief highway jaunts as well as commute through cities.

The specs for the Metacycle are promising, but now the pressure is on for SONDORS to demonstrate a working Metacycle and deliver on its production promises.

With barely 100 days left before the end of the year and the Metacycle’s presumed shipping date, the clock is ticking for one of the most highly anticipated electric motorcycles of 2021.

Source: electrek

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