Chevrolet To Halt Bolt Production Throughout November

by 9SIX

General Motors has confirmed that the Orion Assembly plant where the Chevrolet Bolt is built will be down for the weeks of November 15, 22, and 29.

The automaker restarted production of the Bolt on November 1 but is only producing a limited number of cars that will be used to support customers and dealers currently dealing with the recall of 141,000 Bolts. Some of the Bolt models currently being built will serve as courtesy loaner cars for those owners having their vehicles repaired.

The Detroit News reports that production will be paused yet again as the automaker works through the battery recall and module replacement process.

“Vehicle production during this timeframe will continue to help optimize LG battery production and supply chain repair logistics, and also continue to support customer and dealer needs related to the recall,” said GM spokesman Dan Flores in a statement. “Battery module replacements remain the priority. We will continue to adjust Orion’s production schedule moving forward to best support the recall.”

In mid-September, GM confirmed that it had found the root of the defect that caused the batteries of some Bolt models to catch fire. GM states that the issue was related to two rare manufacturing defects, consisting of a torn anode and a folded separator in the battery.

To resolve the peoblem, GM and battery supplier LG Chem started installing five new battery modules on recalled vehicles in October.

Source: carscoops

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