CAKE and Polestar team up for an electric moped that can charge while you tow it

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Electric motorbike brand CAKE has announced the first-ever electric mobility bundle alongside EV automaker Polestar. The two Swedish companies look to provide solutions for urban mobility with a custom version of CAKE’s recently released Makka moped platform, which can be towed behind a Polestar 2 EV and simultaneously charged.

CAKE is a Swedish brand specializing in lightweight electric off-road motorbikes since 2018, when its flagship Kalk electric motorcycle debuted.

This was followed by a street-legal version of the Kalk a year later, as well as several additional models. This includes CAKE’s first electric moped, the Ösa.

Just last week, CAKE announced two new mopeds on its next platform, Makka, debuting as CAKE’s lowest-priced models to date.

Alongside CAKE’s recent announcement is Polestar, a fellow Swedish company also focused on zero-emissions transportation. Polestar currently has two EVs on the market, including a newly refreshed Polestar 2 with additional powertrain variations.

With a third EV on the way called the Precept, Polestar has been quite public about its carbon footprint and its goals to combat it. In this sense, it’s no wonder Polestar has teamed up with a company like CAKE to provide a moped solution that pairs with its EVs.

CAKE Makka

CAKE and Polestar announce Makka moped mobility bundle

In a recent press release from CAKE out of Stockholm, the motorbike manufacturer announced its collaboration with Polestar to provide what it is calling the first-ever electric mobility bundle.

The bundle will pair the long-distance capabilities of the all-electric Polestar 2 sedan with the inner city maneuverability of the electric Makka. This new Makka was specifically designed to uniquely match the Polestar brand and its newest EV sedan.

The bundle also contains a rear tow bar mount that can connect the moped to the back of the Polestar 2 and be charged directly while in transport. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath elaborated:

This initiative is the next step in our brand collaboration and it gives us a chance to tackle broader mobility challenges. The lightweight bike connects with Polestar 2 via an ‘umbilical cord’ that allows it to charge from our car, ready to tackle inner cities as well as have fun off-road.

With a number of car-free cities popping up, especially in Europe (take notes, US), the electric mobility bundle can provide consumers zero-emission transportation no matter the setting.

Drivers will soon be able to park their Polestar 2 outside of an urban landscape to charge, then unmount their new Makka electric moped and cruise into the more crowded or congested areas without worry… or emissions. CAKE’s CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn also spoke:

Our new electric mobility bundle comes as a unique first step to solve the worldwide problems of city mobility as well as to accelerate the transition towards an emissions-free future. Instead of wasting time in a car queue, struggling to find a parking spot or squashing up in a crowded subway train, we together with the team at Polestar want to make the future of mobility flexible, accessible and emission-free – while aiming to create cities for people, not for cars that pollute.

We do not yet have pricing or delivery timelines on the electric mobility bundle. However, the recently announced non-Polestar Makka Flex is priced at $3,800 and will begin deliveries in 2022.

We can expect the special Polestar bundle to cost more considering the unique design, tow hitch mount, and umbilical charging cord. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more.

What do you think? Does the new Makka bundle pair well with the zero-emissions Polestar 2? Are you more inclined to buy either because of the capability to pair them?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: electrek

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