BYD Seal EV coming to Europe as company mulls adding Dolphin hatchback next

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byd seal ev coming to europe as company mulls adding dolphin hatchback next

Build Your Dreams (BYD) continues to expand upon its own dream of becoming a global household name in autos as it is making headlines yet again. After recently announcing entry into Europe with sales of three of its EVs, BYD has announced a fourth – the Seal – will be joining the lineup. Furthermore, the automaker’s Dolphin hatchback could soon be joining the Euro party as well.

Fresh off more encouraging EV sales numbers for September, BYD Auto is continuing its steadfast expansion beyond China with even more news. This past August, the automaker announced plans to enter the Japanese market, including the start of sales of the Atto 3 this January.

Shortly thereafter, BYD announced an additional expansion to sell three of its passenger EVs in Europe, including first deliveries to Germany and Sweden, which began this quarter. BYD’s initial entry overseas begins with the Han, Atto 3, and Tang EVs of which BYD has already shared some presale pricing.

As first deliveries begin in Europe, BYD has already shared plans to add a fourth model to the lineup, and possibly a fifth thereafter.

BYD Seal Dolphin

BYD quickly expands presence in Europe by adding Seal EV

Per Automotive News Europe, BYD unveiled the Seal at this year’s Paris Auto Show, announcing that its newest electric sedan would enter markets in Europe sometime in 2023. Exactly when, remains a bit up in the air at this point.

BYD launched the Seal in China this past spring, beginning pre-orders at a starting price below $32,000 – taking a blatant shot at stealing some would-be consumers away from the Tesla Model 3 overseas. The EV itself is BYD’s first to include its new cell-to-body (CTB) technology, which allows the battery to be integrated throughout the entire vehicle body. It is also one of the first EVs to sit atop BYD’s e-platform 3.0, joining the aforementioned Atto 3.

During the auto show, BYD’s head of sales for Europe Pere Brugal shared that the automaker is also considering bringing its Dolphin hatchback EV across the pond(s), due to the popularity of compact vehicles in Europe. It too sits on BYD’s 3.0 platform.

EV sales in Europe are already underway in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, plus recent and upcoming additions of Germany, France, and the UK this year. Looking ahead, BYD will enter markets in Italy and Spain in 2023. The Seal should arrive then too, although no precise date has been set yet.

Source: electrek

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