Buick announces it’s going all-electric by 2030 and unveils stunning Wildcat EV concept

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buick announces its going all electric by 2030 and unveils stunning wildcat ev concept

Today, Buick announced that it is only going to offer all-electric vehicles by 2030 and unveiled a stunning EV concept called Wildcat. At an event today, Buick unveils how its brand plan fits into GM’s electrification effort.

Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick and GMC for GM, announced that Buick will only offer all-electric vehicles by 2030:

The Buick brand is committed to an all-electric future by the end of this decade. Buick’s new logo, use of the Electra naming series and a new design look for our future products will transform the brand.

To highlight the significance of the plan, Buick adopted a new logo to mark the upcoming new electric era of the brand:

buick wildcat ev concept 002

Buick also announced that its future EV products will also carry the “Electra” name – starting with the first electric model coming in 2024.

In order to preview its future electric vehicles, Buick decided to unveil a new 2+2 coupe concept called Wildcat:

buick wildcat ev concept 001

Screen Shot 2022 06 01 at 10.01.55 AM

Screen Shot 2022 06 01 at 10.02.37 AM

buick wildcat ev concept 010

buick wildcat ev concept 011

buick wildcat ev concept 013

buick wildcat ev concept 014

buick wildcat ev concept 015

buick wildcat ev concept 018

Sharon Gauci, executive director of Global Buick and GMC Design, commented on the vehicle:

The Wildcat EV concept represents the real design future for the brand. Buick has always been forward looking and this expression is a glimpse of where we’re going, and the optimism we have for the limitless possibilities of an electric future.

On the powertrain side of things, Buick hasn’t released any details since it’s still only a concept. We should have more information next year when the automaker released its first production version EV ahead of the start of production in 2024.

We don’t expect too many surprises on that front since Buick is expected to use GM’s Ultium EV platform, which already powers new electric vehicles from GMC and Cadillac.

Source: electrek

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