Boutique sports car marque Wiesmann reimagines roadster in ‘Project Thunderball’ EV

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Boutique Sports Car Marque Wiesmann Reimagines Roadster In Project Thunderball Ev

After an eight year hiatus, German boutique automaker Wiesmann has returned to the world of luxury sports cars, beginning with a new roadster EV convertible called “Project Thunderball.” While the first all-electric vehicle from Wiesmann remains a prototype, the automaker tells us it’s an advanced one that is already on sale. Check out some of its specs below.

Wiesmann GmbH is a custom, hand-built automaker that specializes in luxury convertibles and coupes. The company was founded in 1988 by Wiesmann brothers Friedhelm and Martin focused on quality cars that stick to the road – hence the automaker’s gecko logo.

During its pre-EV era in the early ’90s, Wiesmann delivered a custom “MF” line of models powered by BMW engines and transmissions. By the early 2000s, the automaker was releasing GT versions of the MF series before eventually making plans to export to the US.

Those plans fell through, however, due to high exchange rates and costs to modify Wiesmann vehicles to be street legal stateside. By 2014, the company was “temporarily closed” due to the inability to pay its debts. Following a purchase of the company by current CEO Roheen Berry, Wiesmann reemerged with a new website during the pandemic.

Now, eight years after shuttering its doors, Wiesmann is returning to the boutique automotive market with a stylish new roadster EV.

Wiesmann introduces “Project Thunderball” EV roadster

With its new EV project, Wiesmann combines the old with the new, offering a new model reminiscent of its original MF series with an all-electric spin. A lot of progress in electrification has taken place since Wiesmann last delivered a vehicle, and “Project Thunderball” is the automaker’s nod to this EV revolution.

Furthermore, Wiesmann states the EV prototype also represents a revolution for the brand itself, implementing electric powertrains to deliver its “trademark performance.” That being said, Wiesmann is not all-in on EVs just yet. The automaker has a second new model called “Project Gecko” in the works that is powered by a BMW turbo engine.

Back to the important stuff. Here are some specs for the upcoming Wiesmann roadster EV:

Powertrain Twin electric rear-mid mounted motors (RWD)
Power 500 kW / 680 HP
Torque 1,100 Nm / 809 ft-lb.
Acceleration (Targeted) 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.9 seconds
Weight 1,700 kg (3,737 lbs)
Power to Weight Ratio 2.5 kg per HP
Battery Capacity 800 V, 92 kWh (83 kWh available)
Range (Targeted) 500 km (311 miles)
Charging Rate 22 kW (on-board AC), 300 kW (DCFC)

Wiesmann is promising the Project Thunderball EV will arrive as a sports car with top technology that still retains the automaker’s DNA in design elegance. CEO Roheen Berry elaborates:

Project Thunderball is a remarkable moment in time for the Wiesmann brand, and the culmination of a dream of years of design and engineering excellence bringing an all-rear-wheel-drive electric convertible sports car fit for the modern era, where timeless design meets cutting-edge technology. For the first time an iconic two-seater Wiesmann will deliver the performance, handling and spirit for which we are famed, with an advanced, German-engineered all-electric powertrain at its heart. I truly believe we’ve made the world’s most exciting electric sports car.

Project Thunderball production will take place at Wiesmann’s “Gecko” factory in Dülmen, Germany. The EV roadster is currently for sale on the Wiesmann website at a starting MSRP of 300,000 Euros ($315,740).

A representative for the automaker told us production versions of Project Thunderball are expected to begin deliveries toward the end of 2023. For now, check out the Wiesmann EV in action below:

Source: electrek

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