BMW starts production of the i4 electric car

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bmw-starts-production-of-the-i -electric-car

BMW announced that it has started series production of the BMW i4 electric car today at its Munich factory. Milan Nedeljković, BMW AG board member for production, said that the start of i4 production marks the beginning of BMW’s important Munich plant going electric:

For the plant and team, the launch of the BMW i4 is a milestone on the road to electric mobility. By 2023 more than half of all vehicles from our Munich facility will have an electrified drive. The majority will be fully electric. So Munich goes fully electric.

Peter Weber, Director of BMW Group Plant Munich, added:

We succeeded in integrating the new vehicle into our existing systems without halting production. The team and our partners did an amazing job. Our bodyshop is a shining example of intelligent, efficient integration. Most of the new production processes for the BMW i4 can be carried out on the existing bodyshop systems.

The German automaker released a bunch of images from the production line:

The BMW i4 will be offered in different versions with a battery pack having a capacity of 83.9 kWh and enabling “up to 590km (WLTP) and up to 300 miles (EPA)” of range based on their own estimates.

It has a power output of up to 390kW/530HP with a dual motor powertrain, which is going to enable an acceleration from 0 to 100km/h (62 mph) in around four seconds.

A single motor option will also be available.

The vehicle also has a significant DC fast-charging capacity of “up to 205 kW.”

BMW says that the i4 will start at $56,395 in the US when it launches next year. The first deliveries are expected in Europe in the coming weeks.

Source: electrek

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