BMW shows off police version of its futuristic 75 mph electric scooter

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bmw-shows-off-police-version-of-its-futuristic- -mph-electric-scooter

The BMW CE 04 was first unveiled as a civilian model, but has now gotten the police cruiser treatment to enable its use by law enforcement agencies.

BMW showed off the new police version of the CE 04 electric scooter for the first time, where it is on display today at the Paris Milipol trade show.

The police version of the scooter is upgraded with flashing LED lights surrounding the scooter, tactical case, police siren and controls to operate the lighting and siren systems.

The rest of the scooter remains the same as the civilian CE 04 production model, unveiled earlier this summer.

Based on a futuristic concept scooter displayed by BMW in late 2020, the production version of the CE 04 actually retained most of the eye-catching designs and features of the original concept vehicle.

The electric scooter includes a peak-rated 31 kW (42 hp) frame-mounted electric motor designed to offer zippy urban acceleration. It transfers that power to a single-supported rear wheel via a nearly silent belt drive.

The scooter offers quick acceleration, reaching a speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) in 2.6 seconds. That should help civilians pull away quickly from traffic lights and cops catch up to them just as quickly.

At full tilt, the scooter tops out at 120 km/h (75 mph). The internal battery provides 8.9 kWh of capacity and is rated for up to 130 km (81 miles) of range.

Even considering the continuous motor rating of 15 kW (20 hp), the CE 04 is still much more powerful than other full-size urban electric scooters on the market.

Electric scooters and motorcycles have proven increasingly popular for police departments around the world.

Zero’s electric motorcycles are used by many police departments in the US, and we even reported on a humorous case of an electric Zero police motorcycle pulling over a Tesla in what the officer called “the quietest police pursuit ever.”

Even electric bicycles have drawn the interest of police departments, though they sometimes opt for the less-than-legal high-power models. Police departments aren’t alone. Armed forces are also experimenting with higher-power electric bicycles for patrol and recon use.

Electric motorcycles are also seeing more military use as well, including a recent example of UBCO’s electric trail bikes being drafted into the New Zealand military.

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