BMW shows off licensed CUBE and SoFlow mobility concepts

by 9SIX

BMW makes cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. The automaker is also licensing its name for other methods of transportation that are particularly well-suited to use in urban areas. BMW has revealed two concepts that it’s implementing with partner companies CUBE and SoFlow. Both companies will be revealing concepts that are based on licenses granted by BMW at IAA Mobility 2021.

That show runs from September 7 through the 12th in Munich, Germany. The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo is a three-wheeled bicycle designed to carry cargo that was inspired by BMW. The vehicle’s design promises agility with flexible usage options and sustainability with the ability to operate year-round.

This concept is an electric bicycle with the electric assist activated as soon as the rider starts to pedal. Electricity drives the two rear wheels, and the cargo bike promises to be as easy to ride as a regular bicycle. The cargo carrying option is designed so that it doesn’t make the bike difficult to ride.

One of the coolest aspects of the vehicle is that it has a variable-use loading platform with attachments that support transporting various loads and children. The other concept is the SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW. It has an ergonomic design and is intended for everyday use. The e-scooter uses electricity to make commuting the last mile easy and comfortable.

The concept’s design is meant to be compact when packed up, making it easy to store. It also features a public transport mode designed to make it easy to incorporate traveling on public transportation into longer journeys using the e-scooter. In addition, its park & ride mode is designed to provide a minimal size meant for carrying in the trunk of a car. More details on both concepts are expected at the show.


Source: slashgear

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