Bitcoin and Ethereum keep going down. The world’s main cryptocurrency is already cheaper than $36,000

by 9SIX

The strong fall of Bitcoin, which began yesterday, continued today: over the past day, the world’s main cryptocurrency sank by almost 8%. If yesterday for 1 BTC you could get at least $38,500, now the current rate is $35,900. As a result, the capitalization of the world’s main cryptocurrency has gone below $700 billion.

Along with Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are falling, and some of them are falling even more. For example, the Ethereum exchange rate has fallen by 12.5% ​​in a day, Solana has fallen in price by 15%, Terra – by almost 21.5%. Dogecoin (about 7%), XRP (about 9%), Cardano (10.5%) lose less. As for Shiba Inu, once included in the top 10 major cryptocurrencies in the world, it lost 18.5% in a day and is now in 15th place on the list.

Bitcoin and Ethereum keep going down The worlds main cryptocurrency

In general, during the day the market sank by almost 9%, the total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is 1.66 trillion dollars. Although until recently, the market was predicted to grow to 3 trillion dollars.

Source: gadgettendency

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