Arrival to co-develop its EV open-data platform alongside Microsoft

Arrival and Microsoft to co-develop fleet data platform

by 9SIX

In a press release from Arrival, the company announced its new study buddy in Microsoft with the goal of together developing models that simplify the sharing of data within a mobility and freight ecosystem.

The increased amount of data collected from fleets and individual vehicles being stored in the cloud continues to grow around the world. Concurrently, there is no standardized method of organizing or managing the data flow from said fleets.

Arrival’s plan is to develop a single and open data platform using Microsoft Azure that can be utilized by a wide range of customers. This includes OEMs, suppliers, cities, plus freight and logistics companies. Arrival spoke to the possibilities of this platform in its press release:

The resulting open data platform will use Azure and machine learning to extract insights from the data, and edge computing to minimize vehicle-to-cloud data flow. By implementing a unified, canonical data standard and transparent data sharing policy, the insights drawn will enable improved vehicle designs, advanced fleet logistics and help spur advancements in mobility ecosystems and business models.

By developing this open data platform with Microsoft, Arrival will soon be able to utilize the insights to more efficiently manage its own EV fleets. At the same time, Arrival will have the capability to share said insights with partners so they can develop their own fleet solutions. Avinash Rugoobur, president of Arrival, commented on the process:

Arrival is bringing zero-emission mobility solutions to communities globally. Data management and analysis is crucial to bringing customized, affordable and equitable solutions to the world. With the rapid advances in technology across all areas, we need a standardized way of collecting, assimilating and sharing that data so all can share in the full benefits of what connected vehicles can bring. Working closely with Microsoft to develop and then demonstrate the huge advantages of having an open data platform for vehicles and fleets will be truly ground-breaking for companies and cities around the world.

There is no timeline yet on when we may see beta testing of this open data platform.

Arrival continues to test its autonomous EV driving technologies, while producing more and more of its Arrival Vans and Buses to customers in the US, UK, and Europe.

Source : electrek

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