Arrival Bus proving ground trials begin in UK ahead of Q2 2022 production

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Arrival’s flagship Bus EV has begun proving ground testing in the UK before entering full production in 2022. The Arrival Bus marks the first of several electric vehicles in the pipeline for the company which will be manufactured and operated in the UK and US, as well as the European Union.

Arrival is a technology company specializing in electric vehicles, particularly vans and buses. In addition to headquarters in London, Arrival has recently expanded into the US, setting up a North American HQ in Charlotte, NC alongside a Van microfactory on the city’s west side.

Through a unique business strategy that shifts from traditional production practices, Arrival has been able to design and implement its own components, software, and assembly processes in unique ways to maximize all aspects of manufacturing.

This also includes manufacturing its own battery modules, which will take place at a recently announced high-voltage plant near its US HQ. This new plant will also serve an additional production facility in South Carolina dedicated to the Arrival Bus.

The Buses built on US soil will soon serve American cities like Anaheim, CA, which has already secured an order for five of them. Meanwhile, Arrival Bus development continues in the UK and gets one step closer to full-fledged production next year.

Arrival Bus Interior

Arrival Bus facing UK certification and public roads next year

According to a press release from the manufacturer, the Arrival Bus remains on schedule for 2021 by entering its proving grounds testing phase in the UK. This is the most rigorous step to ensure proper validation and extensive testing before Arrival seeks official certification. Franck Dessenis, vice president of bus platform at Arrival, spoke to the development milestone:

This is a key milestone for Arrival and we’re thrilled to have started proving ground trials, where the Bus is currently going through testing, ahead of EU certification and public road trials next year. We’ve seen a strong interest in the Bus this year, specifically from governments who are looking to upgrade their public transportation networks, in order to achieve their zero-emission pledges. We’re partnering closely with governments, cities, and operators to build infrastructure solutions and seamless mobility services for local communities to support their clean energy targets.

The Arrival Bus will arrive with up to three doors and flexible passenger seating capacity across the entire flat floor. The EV is also equipped with wrap-around exterior and interior screens, plus a transparent roof making the entire cabin feel more open and comfortable.

A unique selling point to future fleets is the Arrival Bus’ modularity, allowing each EV to be tailored to meet local cities’ needs based on length, range, battery, and passenger capacity – all while maintaining Arrival’s digital ecosystem of connectivity across entire fleets.

Once it completes the proving ground trials, the Arrival Bus will begin public road trials in early 2022 alongside First Bus – one of the UK’s largest transport operators. Arrival remains on schedule to begin Bus production in Q2 2022. No word yet on US production timelines.

Source: electrek

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