Apple Working on a Redesigned Apple TV With a Thinner Form Factor And ‘Plexiglass’ Top

by 9SIX

The Apple TV is a very capable device and the company is consistently transforming into a media hub. With powerful internals and a dedicated App Store, the Apple TV does it all. While we would love to see solid gaming titles on the set-top box, Apple might have other plans. A sketchy report claims that Apple is working on a new redesigned Apple TV with a thinner form factor and a ‘plexiglass’ top.

Apple Might be Working on a Redesigned Apple TV With a ‘Plexiglass’ Top

While it is not sure if Apple is indeed planning on a redesigned Apple TV, a questionable report from iDropNews suggests that it will feature a ‘plexiglass’ top. In addition, the redesigned Apple TV will be thinner and flatter. This will allow Apple to move away with the aged and bulky design which we use currently.

The ‘plexiglass’ design mentioned in the report is something that we are expecting with the upcoming Mac mini. Moreover, the redesign mentioned in the report closely resembles the first-gen Apple TV. Furthermore, the report also coins that the redesigned Apple TV will feature sharp edges like the iPhone and iMac. The current design of the Apple TV is already flat-edged, so it is debatable if Apple will make further changes.


Take note that there are no track records of the source, so be sure to take the news with a pinch of salt. Other than this, the report also mentions a rumor pertaining to Apple working on its own console, like the Nintendo Switch. It would make sense for Apple to launch its gaming console or equip the Apple TV with internals that supports high-end gaming titles. At this point in time, there is no solid evidence that the company is indeed working on a redesigned Apple TV.

Source: wccftech

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