Apple warns iPhone cameras can be damaged by motorcycle vibrations

by 9SIX

iPhones have been used as navigational devices thanks to their powerful GPS capabilities. It is common to see iPhones mounted on motorbikes guiding the drivers in navigating uncharted terrains. However, Apple is saying that these iPhones mounted on motorbikes are liable to have their cameras permanently damaged due to the excessive vibrations from the motorcycles.

A new Apple Support post indicates that Apple is warning users that high amplitude vibrations generated by high-powered engines of motorcycles could damage the cameras of iPhones. Sometimes the damage could be permanent, according to the post. Bike riders usually mount their expensive iPhones on their bikes as a navigational tool.

The iPhone camera’s optical image stabilizer (OIS) and closed-loop autofocus (AF), according to Apple, could be damaged by such excessive vibrations. All iPhone models since iPhone 7 have both the OIS and AF features, which can be damaged when the device is exposed to excessive vibrations. These vibrations only apply to high-powered motorcycle engines and not e-bikes and mopeds which can have vibration dampening mounts for the iPhone.

Apple’s advisory on the use of iPhones on motorcycles may pose some questions for users. However, it is suggested that if the aim is to use a GPS device on your motorcycle, then you can get alternative and cheaper devices to provide the needed navigation when using your motorbike. The costs of repair of damaged iPhones can be highly prohibitive, hence the need to avoid such expensive repairs.

Source: gizmochina

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