Apple unveils HomePod mini in new colors: yellow, blue, and orange

by 9SIX

Apple has just announced updated HomePod minis in three new color options: yellow, blue, and orange. They are priced at the same $99 and will be available next month. Apple will continue to offer the existing white and space gray color options as well.

The new HomePod minis are functionally the same as last year’s but they have new color LEDs on the top. Apple currently has different colors on the white and space gray HomePods. The yellow HomePod mini, for example, has green coloring in its Siri gradient.

Apple has also introduced a new ‘TV & Home’ section in the menu bar. You can learn more about the new HomePod minis, HomeKit, and more there. Apple recently released the 15.0 update for HomePod that enabled several new features. Of course, these new HomePod minis will surely ship with that update or a slightly newer version. With HomePod 15.0 you can create a stereo pair with two HomePod minis for an Apple TV.

image 1

Source: 9to5mac

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