Apple confirms to bring full support for 120Hz in iPhone 13 Pro series third-party apps

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apple-confirms-to-bring-full-support-for- hz-in-iphone- -pro-series-third-party-apps

The launch of the iPhone 13 lineup was special in more than one way but the biggest takeaway from the launch was the introduction of what Apple calls “ProMotion”. In simple words, there’s a new OLED display with a 120Hz display that has been adopted by Apple but is only a charm for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Ideally, one would expect things to be ultra-smooth on a device that has a display with a 120Hz refresh rate but upon scrolling through the device in the first couple of days, it has been found that even though the scrolling seems to work perfectly, the animations are still stuck at 60Hz. This appears to be a case with only the third-party apps where animations and other small elements don’t really refresh at 120Hz. For instance, scrolling through Instagram would be at 120Hz but animations take a big hit as they only operate at 60Hz and this capping is across all third-party apps.

There are already tons of reports surfacing online where iPhone 13 Pro buyers could be seen fuming for restricting a feature this cool. Well, what’s worse is that iPad Pro has no such restrictions and users have been enjoying a fluid experience even on third-party apps since 2017.

Apple has programmed this in such a way that the screen automatically switches to a lower refresh rate when idle, saving a significant proportion of battery. Upon digging deeper, 9to5Mac found out that Apple exempted its own apps on iPhone 13 Pro series and allows them to operate at a full capacity of 120Hz.

Since it picked up a lot of heat in the initial days, Apple had to acknowledge the bug and while they were at it, it has also been ensured by their team that this will be fixed in the coming days. Apple has accepted that these events were part of an OS bug and full support for 120Hz in third-party apps is coming soon. We”ll finally see the full potential of these displays when the issue gets resolved.

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