Apple: 90% of modern iPhones are updated to iOS 14

by 9SIX
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As early as next week Apple will reveal details about the new iOS 15 firmware, but in the meantime, the company has shared updated data on the popularity of iOS 14.

According to the latest distribution data, iOS 14 is now installed on 90% of iPhones released in the past four years. 8% of smartphones are running iOS 13 and 2% are still running earlier versions of iOS.

85% of all iPhones (including those over four years old) run iOS 14. 8% still use iOS 13, and 7% still use an earlier version of iOS. These devices include devices that do not run iOS 14.

For iPads, 91% of all iPads released in the past four years use iPadOS 14. Like iPhones, some iPads in the All Devices category may not run iOS 14. In fact, 12% of tablets in this category have iOS 12 or earlier, and 9% of tablets have iOS 13.

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