Alpha Motor’s Adventure Series Adds Trick Lights And Wheels To Adorable Ace And Jax EVs

by 9SIX

Despite the fact that production is not expected until 2023, the Alpha Motor Corporation has introduced its new “Adventure Series” line for the Ace and Jax EV crossover utility vehicles. Upgrades are centered around the lighting and wheels, with KC Lights and KMC partnering with the startup EV maker for the new series. 

There are some fetching paint-jobs too. The color of the Adventure Series’ Ace, “Cerro Blanco,” is said to be inspired by the highest sand dunes of Peru and Fusain, and symbolizes the versatile durability of charcoal when it comes to art.

Charcol or dune inspired; either way, it’s an uncommon shade that highlights the lines of the Ace. The Jax, on the other hand, is painted in dark green. They’ve named this green “Lida,” in honor of Lida Street located in Pasadena, California. Although the significance of the street wasn’t made clear, the color was also said to have been selected as a “symbol of resilience.”

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 42

Getting to the first of the real upgrades, the lighting has seen a significant set of upgrades, with an array of enhanced and additional lighting options from KC lights, seemingly replicating some of the designs that were previewed earlier. 

The main lights, which include the high and low beams, as well as daytime running lights, are KC Lights’ 7-inch “Gravity LEDs.” Auxiliary lights consist of “Flex Era 4” lights with Cree LED tech, or “Gravity LED Pro6s,” that claims to use unique industry-leading technology and reflector design for powerful usable light.

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 43

The second half of the upgrades focus on the wheels and tires. Included with the Adventure Series models are “off-road performance wheels” from KMC. The Ace features the KM545 Trek, a modern mesh wheel built for durability, while the Jax features the KM718 Summit beadlock wheel.

The Ace coupe was first unveiled in January, with the Alpha Jax following in February this year. The Jax — which is essentially a jacked-up, slightly larger Ace — is slated to have a 75 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which provides a range of approximately 250 miles (402 km). The company also said there would be front-and four-wheel drive variants as well as a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) time of 6.5 seconds.

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 2

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 3

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 4

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 5

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 6

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 7

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 43

Adventure Series Alpha Motor Jax Eve 6

Source: carscoops

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