ABB signs global agreement to provide its full portfolio of EV charging technology to Shell

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Global technology company ABB announced a global framework agreement with Shell to provide its technology to help the latter grow its EV charging network. This agreement builds upon a collaboration of the two entities that began in 2019 and will include ABB’s Terra 360 fast charger.

ABB is a global technology corporation headquartered in both Sweden and Switzerland. Its two originating companies were each founded in the late 1800s before they merged to form ABB in 1988. The company carries over 130 years of experience in robotics, heavy electrical equipment, and automation.

More recently, ABB has focused a chunk of its development strategy on sustainability and electrification, offering a robust portfolio of EV infrastructure solutions for homes, businesses, and fleets. This includes both AC and DC charging as well as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.

In 2019, ABB began implementing EV infrastructure with fellow Formula E partner Shell. While it should never be forgotten how much damage Shell and other big oil companies have done to our planet, the company has made large investments to expand EV charging to its customers, especially in Europe and China.

Over the past year, Shell has partnered with other big names in EVs like NIO and BYD.
Following the latest news out of Switzerland, Shell and ABB plan to expand their charging network agreement further.

Shell charging ABB Terra 360

Shell charging network will expand with the help of ABB

ABB shared the news as part of a group press release, detailing a global framework agreement (GFA) with Shell to provide its charger technology. The agreement will give Shell access to ABB’s entire charger portfolio – home and commercial, AC and DC.

The two corporations have laid out two challenges they plan to address as part of their GFA. The first is charging availability. Shell is targeting the implementation of over 500,000 chargers around the world by 2025, and 2.5 million by 2030. This includes charging infrastructure in homes, commercial depots, and Shell stations.

Additionally, Shell looks to address the speed of charging it can offer. Products like ABB’s Terra 360 can offer charge speeds up to 360 kW, some of the fastest currently available. As primarily an oil and gas provider, Shell hopes to deliver EV charge speeds closer to a traditional fill-up at one of its stations. This is a step closer, although we probably won’t get there without solid-state batteries.

Either way, speedier charges can help expedite EV adoption for consumers pondering the transition from combustion vehicles. Frank Muehlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility, spoke to the expanded agreement:

We are excited to support Shell in realizing its objective to create a global charging network. With access to the full breadth of our charging portfolio, we are ensuring that Shell can select the most appropriate solution for every use case, helping to get more people charging regardless of their location.

Source: electrek

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