Tesla increases Model S and Model X prices by $5,000

by 9SIX

Tesla has just released a $5,000 price increase for the base versions (Long Range) of both Model S and Model X electric vehicles. It comes just as the automaker started delivering the new Model S and hasn’t even started delivering the new Model X. Since the beginning of the year, we have been covering a seemingly continuous series of price increases throughout Tesla’s vehicle lineup. However, it has particularly affected Model 3 and Model Y vehicles since Tesla hasn’t been delivering Model S and Model X as the updated versions of the new electric vehicles were delayed.

Last month, Tesla finally started deliveries of the new Model S – starting with the new Plaid top performance version, which also saw a $10,000 price increase last month.

Now in an update to its online configurator, Tesla has decided to quietly implement a new $5,000 price increase for the base Long Range version of the flagship electric sedan:

Tesla Model S price july 2021
Tesla increases Model S and Model X prices by $5,000 6

The price jumps from $79,990 to $84,990 for the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range version while the Plaid, which comes with faster acceleration and higher top speed, still starts at $129,990.

Tesla had only started recently delivering the new Long Range Model S after focusing on Plaid deliveries last quarter.

At the same time, Tesla also increased the base price of the Model X, which now starts at $94,990:

Tesla Model X price July 2021
Tesla increases Model S and Model X prices by $5,000 7

Interestingly, the Model X Plaid is now $10,000 less expensive than the Model S Plaid while the base version of the Model X is $10,000 more expensive than the base version of the Model S.

Tesla hasn’t started new Model X deliveries, but the first deliveries of the new version of the electric SUV are expected to start soon.

While Tesla doesn’t confirm it, based on recent practices, people who already placed orders should be able to get the original price.

Electrek’s Take

Model S prices have fluctuated a lot in recent years for a bunch of different reasons and in this case, it’s still hard to pinpoint what that could be.

Tesla has recently linked Model 3 and Model Y price increases to supply chain cost increasing, but I wouldn’t be too quick to say that it’s the case here.

Those price increases were in $500 increments while this is a whopping $5,000 price increase.

It could be that Tesla is seeing stronger demand for those versions of the Model S and Model X.

I would expect Tesla to update the delivery delays for new orders soon since they make no sense right now, especially the Model S Plaid, which is listed as available for delivery In June. Hey Tesla, it’s July now.

But we should have a much better idea of the situation in just a few weeks during Tesla’s Q2 earnings report.

Source: https://electrek.co/2021/07/08/tesla-increases-model-s-x-prices/

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