22 of the most anticipated electric vehicles coming in 2022

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22 Of The Most Anticipated Electric Vehicles Coming In 2022

Here we sit on the precipice of 2022, which is hopefully a shiny new start and not “2020 II.” One of the more optimistic outlooks we can share in the new year is the prospect of further EV adoption, led by an absolute slew of new EV models from all of the major names in vehicles. Below are some of the most anticipated electric vehicles scheduled to arrive in 2022, along with a little blurb about each so you can start planning which ones you want to test drive first.

Electric Vehicles expected to arrive in 2022

In compiling this list, we admittedly had to take a step back for a second and admire how large it truly is and how impactful so many of these electric vehicles could be to consumers in 2022.

Some may be starting to trickle out to customers now as we slam the book shut on 2021, but overall, these are 2022/2023 models that (should) be available to consumers in the next twelve months.

They are sorted alphabetically by automaker to simplify things. Plus, we’re not here to play favorites, we’re here to get you hyped for all the EV options that will soon be available to you.

BMW iX xDrive50

Kicking things off is BMW and its upcoming iX electric “sports activity vehicle.” Originally introduced as a concept EV called the iNext that would compete with the Tesla Model 3, consumers were excited to see an electrified 3 series expected to hit the market priced around $40,000.

Unfortunately for those drivers, the iNext evolved into the luxury crossover iX we see today, which will arrive at a starting MSRP of $82,300 without any taxes or destination fees. Still, the iX promises dual-motor AWD delivering 516 HP, 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and 300 miles of range. It can also recoup up to 90 miles of range in just ten minutes of DC fast charging.

The BMW iX xDrive50 is expected to arrive in Europe shortly, followed by the US in March of 2022.

Cadillac Lyriq

The Cadillac Lyriq will be the first electric vehicle to debut for the marque and will sit upon GM’s BEV3 platform – part of its parent company’s decried strategy to release 20 new EVs by 2023.

Since making its official debut in August of 2020, we have learned (and covered) much about the Lyriq, including its three-foot displayHeads Up AR Display, and infotainment system aimed to compete with Tesla’s UX.

Following a production unveiling this past August, we learned the Cadillac Lyriq will also start just below $60k at $58,795. As a result, the Lyriq sold out in just 19 minutes. As we anticipate deliveries in 2022, Cadillac has recently shared footage of its latest prototype before entering full-fledged production.

Initial deliveries of the Lyriq in the US are expected to begin in March of 2022.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo may not be a household name compared to some of the other automakers on this list, but it could be someday given its proprietary technology and unique designs. With multiple electric vehicles already unveiled and planned through 2023, Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle will be the first to arrive for the company.

This makes sense given the Lifestyle Vehicle was the first EV the company unveiled, all the way back to its startup days as EVelozcity. Canoo describes its Lifestyle Vehicle as “a loft on wheels,” and for good reason. The interior features 188 cubic feet of volume and seating for two to seven, surrounded by panoramic glass and a street view front window for the driver.

Starting at an MSRP of $34,750 before taxes or fees, the Lifestyle Vehicle will come available in four different packages to suit a multitude of needs, from the Delivery trim, to the loaded Adventure version. All promise at least 250 miles of range and are available for pre-order with a $100 deposit.

The Lifestyle Vehicle is expected to launch in late 2022.

Fisker Ocean

Henrik Fisker’s second iteration of an EV company donning his name seems to have gotten it right this time around with its flagship Ocean SUV. The first iteration of the Ocean was announced in 2019, amongst a bunch of other concepts Fisker was considering.

The Ocean really started to become a reality last October, when Fisker announced a deal with manufacturing juggernaut Magna International to produce the EV. Following its debut at the 2021 LA Auto Show, we were able to see the Ocean close up and learn about its three pricing tiers and unique technologies, such as a solar roof on the Ocean Extreme trim.

The FWD, 250-mile range Ocean Sport starts at just $37,499 before taxes or fees. Given the current federal tax credit in the US, those who qualify for the full amount could get an Ocean for under $30k, a huge selling point for consumers. With Magna’s help, the Ocean electric vehicles are slated to arrive in November of 2022.

Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning has the makings to be the most popular electric vehicle in 2022… and 2023, and so on. If sales of the electrified version are anything like the gasoline F-Series (best selling pickup in the US for 44 years), Ford will need to work to keep up with demand for the Lightning.

Especially since the Lightning has already garnered over 200,000 reservations, none of which include commercial customers (although it has created a separate business to support that segment too). Given Ford’s shared plans for Lightning production, it is already sold out into 2024. Ford seems to know it has a winner on its hands with the Lightning given its 230 mile standard range, home charging, and the ability to charge other EVs at Level 2 speeds.

It has already multiplied its Lightning production to meet demand, and the EV isn’t even out yet. The commercial model of the 2022 Lightning starts at an MSRP of $39,974 before any taxes or fees and goes up from there with features like the 300-mile extended battery.

According to Ford, its sales books open in January of 2022, followed by Lightning production and deliveries beginning in the spring.

Genesis GV60

Genesis is another automotive brand that has vowed to go all-electric, ending all new ICE models by 2025. To help kick off its new electric vehicle transition in 2022 is the GV60, Genesis’ first dedicated EV model, which will sit on Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform.

This crossover utility vehicle (CUV) will feature the luxury interior Genesis is know for, complete with a unique crystal sphere center control. The GV60 will come available in three powertrains, single motor 2WD, Standard AWD, and Performance AWD complete with a “boost mode,” which immediately increases the performance of the GV60’s maximum output to make driving more dynamic.

EPA ranges are not yet available on the GV60, but estimated ranges start at 280 miles followed by 249 and 229 miles for the AWD trims – all from a 77.4 kWh battery pack. We do know that the GV60 will come equipped with battery conditioning, a multi-input charging system, Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), and plug-and-charge payment technology.

Pricing for the GV60 has not yet been released by Genesis, but the company has stated the electric vehicle is scheduled to arrive in spring of 2022.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup (EV³ˣ)

As previously mentioned, GM has some catching up to do in electric vehicle deliveries in 2022, but a huge spark for one of the world’s largest automakers will be an electrified version of its line of colossal gas guzzlers – the Hummer.

In 2020, the public was able to get eyes on a new Hummer EV and what it will offer, including an SUV and pickup version. GM originally admitted it did not have a working prototype when it first unveiled the truck. However, last December it released some impressive footage of a working Hummer EV to the masses.

While the most affordable version of the new Hummer is not slated to roll out until 2024, customers can expect more expensive and decked-out versions in 2022 and 2023. While we are calling this a 2022 EV, GM’s Edition 1 Hummer electric, costing over $110k, recently began rolling out to first customers. Those versions sold out in ten minutes last year, though.

The specs are impressive so far, including features like crab walking. However, these Hummers vary so much across various trims (and multiple years), it’s easier to get the full breakdown directly from GMC.

Expect to see the Hummer EV³ˣ Pickup in the Fall of 2022, starting at an MSRP of $99,995.

Hyundai IONIQ5

The IONIQ5 is the first EV from Hyundai under its new all-electric IONIQ sub-brand, and the first to debut on the Group’s new E-GMP Platform. Electrek has had a couple of chances to experience this new CUV close-up, and it’s one we’re definitely excited about.

Part of the appeal of the IONIQ5 is its wide body and long wheelbase, making for one of the largest interior volumes in its class, besting the Mach-E and VW ID.4.

It’s also full of cool technology such as an AR Heads Up Display, advanced ADAS, and V2L capabilities – meaning it can power your devices while camping or tailgating, or even charge other EVs. Not to mention some of the fastest charge speeds in the game right now.

What might be the largest selling point for this electric crossover vehicle in 2022 however, could be its pricing. Hyundai shared surprisingly affordable MSRPs of the IONIQ5 starting with a surprise Standard Range RWD version for under $40,000, up to the AWD Limited Trim with HUD for just under $55k.

The IONIQ5 has been on sale in Europe for a good chunk of 2021, but is just starting to roll out in North America for 2022Check out Electrek‘s first drive to see more of the available features.

Kia EV6

Joining the IONIQ5 in 2022 will be its Hyundai Group sibling, the Kia EV6. This electric vehicle will be the third to arrive in 2022 on the E-GMP platform and represents the start of Kia’s shift toward an all-electric lineup.

Much like its Hyundai counterpart, the Kia EV6 has gotten some rave reviews and an early demand out of the gate. Kia recently shared that this electric vehicle will arrive in 2022 with up to 310 miles of range. In fact, due to its exterior form, each trim of the EV6 bests the IONIQ5 in EPA range… but at a cost.

Right now, we don’t want to speculate about price, since we have not gotten official word from Kia yet, but it seems like the EV6 is expected to start at an MSRP of $45,000 and go up from there, although one particular Kia dealership is reporting much higher prices.

Regardless of where those official prices actually land, all trims of the EV6 are expected to go on sale in the US in early 2022.

Lucid Air Pure

Truthfully, there are three separate trims of Lucid Motors’ flagship Air sedan slated to arrive in 2022, but we feel the Pure version could be the one to truly boost the luxury EV automaker’s sales numbers.

The top-tier Dream Edition trim of the Air began rolling off assembly lines at Lucid’s AMP-1 facility this past October, and deliveries of the 520 planned vehicles have been underway since. While this $169k marvel kicked off Lucid’s long-anticipated entry into the market, it will be the more affordable trims that follow that can help make it the name to beat in luxury EV sedans.

While consumers should see Grand Touring and Touring trims arrive in 2022, it’s the $77,400 Pure that we’re most excited about. Sure it’s still an expensive EV, but it’s about $90k less than the current Airs on the road. Future Pure drivers can expect 406 miles of estimated range and 480 HP, although it does not include Lucid’s panoramic roof.

The Lucid Air Pure is expect to arrive sometime in 2022.

Lotus “Type 132” SUV

Lotus’ upcoming electric vehicle and first-ever SUV is by far the most cryptic vehicle on this list, particularly because we don’t even know its official name yet. Codename “Type 132” has been teased by Lotus through a series of short videos, sharing only glimpses of the SUV at a time.

It was originally announced in a group of four upcoming EVs from Lotus as it looks to go all-electric in 2022. There is certainly a lot more that we don’t know, but here’s what we have gathered thus far. The Type 132 will be a BEV SUV on Lotus’ new lightweight chassis and will feature LIDAR technology and active front grille shutters. Its interior will also be completely unique to previous Lotus vehicles.

Lotus claims the Type 132 SUV will accelerate 0-60 mph in about three seconds and will use the most “advanced 800-volt high-speed EV charging system.” Lastly, the Type 132 will feature battery packs between 92 kWh-120 kWh and can charge to 80% charge in around 20 minutes on an 800V charger.

Type 132 is expected to arrive in Spring of 2022.

Mazda MX-30

As you may have noticed by now, this list contains a lot of first-ever EVs from automakers, a big reason why 2022 could very well be the year of the electric vehicle. This trend continues with Japanese automaker Mazda, whose upcoming MX-30 will arrive at a very enticing price, but with some concessions.

When the MX-30 was announced this past April, we learned that it starts at a very reasonable MSRP of $33,470 for the base model and only goes as high as $36,480 for the “Premium Plus” package. Factor in potential federal, state, and local incentives, and drivers might see that price down into the mid-20s.

Unfortunately, that cost still won’t justify the MX-30’s anemic range for some consumers, as its 35.5 kWh battery pack only delivers 100 miles of range. Still, the MX-30 is an anticipated electric vehicle in 2022 because those drivers privy to their daily range needs and tax incentive qualifications could be able to drive off in an adequate vehicle at a significantly lower cost than many of its competitors.

Plus, it’s nice to see a Japanese company delivering electric vehicles. The MX-30 is available now.

Mercedes-Benz EQE

Mercedes-Benz has already begun bringing EV offerings to its fleet with its new EQ line of vehicles, starting with the luxurious EQS. In the US in 2022, the EQS will be joined by an EQB SUV and the EQE, a smaller electrified version of the former.

This mid-sized sedan will arrive with a 90 kWh battery offering 410 miles (660 km) of range and 292 HP from a single motor RWD. Inside the EV, the EQE closely resembles the EQS with its MBUX Hyperscreen and massive touch display.

Pricing is not yet available on the EQE, but Mercedes-Benz has shared that it will arrive in 2022.


The ET5 from NIO is the freshest announced EV on our list, and one of the few that is not planned to enter the US market. It was unveiled in the end of December during its maker’s annual NIO Day event in China.

In 2022, this electric vehicle will join the previously announced ET7 as a second sedan offering from NIO. Tesla in China has a serious competitor on its hand in the ET5, as NIO promises 1,000 km (~621 mi) of (CLTC) range.

Other features include LiDAR technology to support NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD), NIO Aquila Super Sensing, and NIO Adam Super Computing, allowing the new EV to gradually achieve safe autonomous driving in scenarios such as highways, urban areas, parking, and battery swaps.

The ET5 is priced at RMB 328,000 ($51,450) before Chinese subsidies, and RMB 258,000 ($40,468) with BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service). Deliveries are expected to begin in China in September 2022.

Nissan Ariya

Nissan was an early celebrity in EV production with its long running LEAF, although it hasn’t done much innovating since then. It was however, one of the global automakers to join the UN-backed “Race to Zero” campaign which aims to be 100% electric by “the early 2030s.” That journey begins with the Ariya crossover.

Initially unveiled in the summer of 2020, Nissan has shared the progress of its first electric SUV through prototype testing. This past fall, the Ariya officially launched in the US, opening reservations at a starting MSRP of $46,000 before taxes and other fees.

It will come in four trim variations, each with an 87 kWh battery, three of which are FWD. The estimated ranges vary for 265-300 miles. To incentivize consumers to place a reservation, Nissan is offering the first 10,000 orders made before January 31, 2022, a free two-year EVgo membership as well as $500 in charging credits upon purchase.

US deliveries of the Ariya are expected to begin in fall 2022.

Polestar 3

While the ET5 was one of the newest EVs to debut on the list, the Polestar 3 remains one of the most mysterious. As you can see from the photo above, the only image released by the Volvo Group subsidiary is still donning camo.

This past summer, Polestar revealed it was working on its third EV, an SUV that would be built and sold specifically for the US market (we love our SUVs, right?) We know the Polestar 3 will debut on a new generation of EV architecture designed from the floor up by Volvo Cars Group and will be built around aerodynamic electric performance.

Furthermore, consumers can also expect high-end, safety-focused autonomous driving features on their Polestar 3. We recently caught our first glimpse of the Polestar 3 during the automaker’s reveal of its Polestar 5 sports coupe, formerly known as the Precept concept.

Unfortunately, no other specs have been shared at this time but will be revealed at a later date. The Polestar 3 is expected to enter production sometime in 2022.

Rivian R1S

The Rivian R1S is the SUV version of its flagship R1T, the first all-electric pickup to reach the market. It features many of the same unique features that made the R1T Electrek‘s vehicle of the year but with more interior volume.

The initial Launch Editions of the R1S recently began delivering at the end of December, but two lower-cost trims of the SUV are on the docket for 2022. That includes both the Adventure and Explore packages, each offering an EPA estimated 316 miles of range – not bad for an EV of that size and volume.

Delivery times will vary depending on the trim and add-ons you choose on the R1S but expect to see many more on roads and trails in 2022.

Subaru Solterra

Sticking with the trend of outdoors-focused auto brands, Subaru is another to join the electric vehicle market in 2022 with its upcoming Solterra SUV. Subaru has been teasing the public with its first EV since last May, offering glimpses and tidbits throughout 2021.

However, it wasn’t until this past November when we truly learned all the specs the Solterra will arrive with, including its 250-mile range. That’s based on its 71.4 kWh battery, which Subaru claims can deliver 285 miles (460 km) based on Japan’s WLTC standard. That should translate to roughly 250 miles of range based on the EPA standard.

Although pricing has yet to be released, the Solterra is expected to begin exploring nature in mid-2022.

Tesla Cybertruck

If you’re reading here on Electrek, we’d surmise you’ve heard of Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck… especially since it was on a number of our lists last year as a potential 2021 model. After much speculation that led to an overall assumption, Tesla confirmed the Cybertruck had officially been delayed to 2022.

Since that point, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have been much more open about the electric trucks’ progress, as it inevitably reaches production for the $80 billion+ in preorders already in place.

Alas! New prototypes have emerged complete with four motors, four-wheel steering, and “crab mode.” Sound familiar? Tell me Tesla isn’t watching its competitors closely to stay ahead.

While the American automaker has since removed all specs and pricing from its Cybertruck configurator, we know production is scheduled to begin in late 2022… for now.

Toyota bZ4X

Up until this point, Toyota has been one of the few global automakers dragging its heels on EV production. In fact, there is well-documented evidence of its efforts to impede EV adoption in favor of hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Nevertheless, Toyota seems to have had its head pulled out of the sand by the global market, and it has committed to some electric vehicles in 2022. One of which is its bZ4X electric SUV, part of the company’s new “beyond zero” lineup of vehicles.

The bZ4X will arrive in the US next year with an estimated 250-mile range on its FWD version. The range on the AWD trim remains TBD, although its previously revealed cruising range per charge (WLTC) is 460 km (286 miles). Expect the EPA range to be quite a bit lower.

US pricing hasn’t been released yet, but the electric SUV is expected to arrive in the US in mid-2022.

Volkswagen ID.5

The ID.5 is the latest offering from The Volkswagen Group and its ID family of all-electric vehicles. The German automaker has already seen huge success with its ID.3 and ID.4 EVs around the globe and looks to accelerate its electrification strategy across all of its brands.

We covered the teasing of a “near-production” version of its ID.5 GTX this past summer, before the IAA Auto Show in Munich. However, Volkswagen shared more details of the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX this past November, including single RWD and dual motor AWD versions on the automaker’s proprietary MEB platform.

Volkswagen has yet to confirm the exact range or price on any versions of the ID.5, but it should arrive in the UK and EU following pricing news and start sales in early 2022.

Even better, VW hs teased that its ID.Buzz electric Mini Bus would be making an appearance by the end of 2022

XPeng G9

XPeng joins NIO and Volkswagen on our list of non-US offerings with its newly announced G9 SUV. The G9 is XPeng Motors’ fourth EV offering and was unveiled at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China this past November.

The new SUV will sit upon XPeng’s new X-EEA 3.0 architecture, a proprietary EV platform that integrates hardware, software, and communications together. The G9 will also be able to receive firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates in as quickly as 30 minutes.

The new XPeng model will use the new-generation XPower 3.0 powertrain system with China’s first 800V mass-production SiC platform. As a result, XPeng claims its G9 SUV will be able to charge up to 200 km (124 mi) of range in five minutes, with a maximum energy efficiency of over 95%.

XPeng is aiming to start G9 production in China in Q3 of 2022.

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