13 battery gigafactories coming to the US by 2025 – ushering new era of US battery production

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13 Battery Gigafactories Coming To The Us By 2025 Ushering New Era Of Us Battery Production

There are 13 new battery cell gigafactories coming online in the US by 2025, according to the Department of Energy.

These factories are ushering in a new era of battery production in the US.

Aside from Tesla and Panasonic’s Gigafactory Nevada, which supplies battery cells for the production of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, there has been limited battery cell production in the US.

Asia – especially China, Japan, and South Korea – is where most battery cells for electric vehicles are coming from.

With more electric vehicle production coming to the US, it’s important that battery cell production also comes to the country, and several companies have made announcements to address the situation.

Now the Department of Energy has issued a report listing all the battery factory projects in the US:

“In addition to electric vehicle battery plants that are already in operation in the United States, 13 additional plants have been announced and are expected to be operational within the next 5 years. Of the 13 plants that are planned, eight are joint ventures between automakers and battery manufacturers. Many of these new plants will be located in the Southeast or Midwest.”

Here’s the full list published by the Department of Energy last week:

Manufacturer Location Expected Opening
Ford Northeast of Memphis, TN 2025
Ford & SK Innovation Central KY 2025
Ford & SK Innovation Central KY 2026
General Motors & LG Chem Lordstown, OH 2022
General Motors & LG Energy Solution Spring Hill, TN 2023
General Motors & LG Energy Solution To be determined (TBD) TBD
General Motors & LG Energy Solution TBD TBD
SK Innovation Northeast of Atlanta, GA 2022
SK Innovation Northeast of Atlanta, GA 2023
Stellantis & LG Energy Solution TBD 2024
Stellantis & Samsung SDI TBD 2025
Toyota Southeast of Greensboro, NC 2025
Volkswagen Chattanooga, TN TBD

It looks like they missed a few too.

For example, Tesla is currently deploying battery cell production capacity at its Gigafactory Texas in Austin.

It could become one of the biggest battery cell factories in the world, with a planned capacity of over 100 GWh.

Source: electrek

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